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About Us

Victory is the Leading digital printing company in Dubai, UAE offering services in digital printing, backlits, banners, duratrans prints, flex signs, posters, vinyl prints, wall graphics, floor graphics, kodak large prints, oneway vision, laser prints, mesh banners, screen printing, badges, T-shirts printing, indoor displays, pvc stickers, offset printing, etching and engraving, outdoor signs, vehicle graphics, corporate gift items, product photography, digital albums, wedding albums, event photography, interior designing, etc.
Victory is a company with little time to look back these days. Growth and change are coming at a rapid pace for this industry as it moves and adapts to the enormous opportunities of the 21st Century Advertising and Print Media. But that doesn't mean there's little by way of past accomplishment. In fact, it is precisely the company's proud record of achievement that serves as inspiration and foundation for its future. In the process, we have become famous and virtually synonymous with "highest quality." As the company takes its Print advertising to the next level of customer value, it is also broadening its strong center-store presence to include a wide array of new products, new categories, and newly acquired brands and businesses. The result is a re-energized and determined multimedia company that is winning by showing consumers exciting new ways on the go.


We today have a peak employment including a work force of 20 full-time personnel and 15 seasonal workers. The company operates 2 production facilities and state-of-the-art Computers and Large format Printers. Our core print line of runs literally from A to Z, from Designing to Offset printing or Digital printing. With the businesses added in 2005, Victory center-stage and enhanced the Company presence in the Digital print world. What's next for Victory ? "We've got great people building great brands". "And that makes for a great company that's perfectly poised for growth."


Whatever is in store for Victory , its future is certainly served well by its past. The company continues to derive significant benefit from its unparalleled reputation with clients and for high quality Designing, quality printing and innovation. On the marketing side a steady team of marketing innovation has maintained Victory market leadership. Its potent sales organization, delivering leading edge category management techniques and powerful promotions, has long enjoyed preferred supplier status with customers. Indeed, Victory 's pioneering innovation and leadership were instrumental. in the company's large growth.


Victory corporate headquarters has always been in Bangalore India. In fact, the city itself could well be considered a museum of former company locations. In 2005, Victory moved its corporate staff out of a high rise and into the Middle East in Dubai accompanying the move was the publication of a new Victory Vision and Mission Statement. It reaffirms the company's commitment to customers, and recognizes that its individual employees working together with respect for each other and a commitment to creativity, integrity and passion that have taken Victory to the top. and will keep it there.